Amazon Product Data Crawler

A simple and easy to use app that will extract the product information from

Amazon crawler can be used to extract product information from Just search for anything on amazon, and extract information about all the products that appear in search results.

All the product information availble on amazon can be extracted, this free app is just a demosntration and will extract few data fields, if you need any other data from amazon please contact us and we will develop custom app for you at a very reasonable price.

free amazon products extractor

Screen shot of Amazon products extractor

How it works

A brief description of how to use this app to get all reviews data.

  • Launch the app.
  • Search for products in (from the chrome window that app opened.)
  • Click Start Button
  • Wait and let the crawler scrape all the products data that are shown in search results.
  • When the bot is complete you can export the scraped data to a csv/excel file. You can also manually stop the bot.

What it extracts?

Business Fields

  • Product Name
  • ASIN
  • Price
  • Old Price
  • Reviews
  • Rating
  • Seller Name
  • Badge (e.g. "Best Seller")
  • Image URL
  • Product URL

Do you need any other field ? Please please let us know.

If you want any additional feature in this app, please let us know we will make the change for you at a very reasonable price.

Watch it in action

Download Amazon product data crawler