Web is full of data, We convert it the way you want

What We Provide

We provide superior quality web scraping service that will surely impress you, We deliver on time and without busting your budgets.

Browser Automation

We develop bots to automate repeated processes that involve interacting with a web browser. Bots can work with every website, and can read and write input/output data to files or databases.

Data Extraction

We can extract data from any website you can think of, even if required data is shown after login or filling out forms. Just let us know what you want and in what format. Excel, csv or a database is no problem at all.


We Are Experts

We can autoamte every website and scrape ANY website you can think of, Sites with ajax, Flash, complex form submissions, Maps etc are not a problem for us, We have solution for all and you will get what you need.


No problem if you don’t have a big budget, with our experience in this field it’s easy for us to scrape any data and that is the reason why we do it a very reasonable price.

Top Quality

Data will be checked for accuracy, and if you want a custom software, our scraping software/Bot you get will be fast reliable and easy to use. It can be web-based solution or a stand-alone application.


No need to learn any software, monthly subscription or buy servers, just tell us what you need and we will provide you the data or a simple, user friendly software to scrape data.


Our process is very simple and fast.Many of our clients will get what they want in just 2 days.

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  • Discover

    We start by asking questions. If you have already created requirements we work with those, if you haven’t, we can create them together.

  • Develop

    We develop amzing scripts that will solve your problem

  • Deliver

    We deliver the solution to our celints. It can be data or a software.


We have a long list of satisfied clients. Here are few of them.

Fantastic develoeprs with great technical skills and always delivered before expected. They always been available to continue to service the apps they developed. Best of all, fees are rightly priced... You would get the value of what you paid for, plus some more

Natalia S

Botsol developer was the man of the situation ! He understood the project very quickly and was able to finish it in a very short time. Moreover he was kind enough to take some time on Skype to provide additional details on how to use the script. Strongly recommended.

Greg d'Aboville

Botsol developer demonstrated excellent communication skills, understanding requirements, proposing solutions and providing exceptional feedback and instructions. Providing true and reasonable estimates and sticking to the promised costs. Without a doubt I am planning to get Botsol involved in the future projects.

Sergey Shevchuk

Responsive and able to quickly adjust to a project with changing requirements. If you can think of it, botsol can do it! Many times I gave him suggestions that I thought might not be possible to implement, but the developer not only was able to accomplish these tasks, he did so quickly and with a professional attitude the whole way through.

David H.

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