This simple tool will automate the whole process of extracting data from google maps

Google maps is a great source to get business leads, large number of people get contact details of businesses listed on google maps manually, this simple tool will automate the whole process of extracting data from google maps very simple..

Its a bot but works like a real user, google maps will not block the software because it cannot detect it as a bot.

free google maps data extractor

Screen shot of the free version


Extract Email

Emails are not listed on google maps, but this tool will still be able to get an email address related to the listed businesses. This is a unique feature which makes it stand out fo the other google maps scraping softwares.

Works like a real user

It uses chrome browser to automate a real user behaviuor , benefit of doing this is that google maps will not block the software because it cannot detect it as a bot.

Easy to use

Its easy to use, just enter the search term, and select from few optins and the tool will start working. The user can see what crawler is doing in the chrome window.


We will make sure that whenever there is any change on google maps website that affects this tool's functionality we will update the softwre ASAP, so you keep using it without any issue.

Try it before you buy

Free Version

Free version scrapes less data fields than the full version. But there is no limitation and you can use it as long as you want.
It will extract the following fields:

  • Business Name
  • Full Address
  • Website
  • Plus Code
  • Rating
  • Review Count
  • URL

Download Free Version

Full Version

Price of the full version if $50 , It will extract the following fields.

  • Business Name
  • Full Address
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Plus Code
  • Website
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Latitude, Longitude
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Has Virtual Tour ?
  • Is Claimed
  • Rating
  • Review Count
  • Amenities
  • Number Of Photos
  • Image URL
  • URL
Buy Full Version

The full version can also take the search terms from a text file, if you want to get data for large number of search terms you dont need to make each search manually, just create a text file with one search term per line, and the bot will automatically search with these terms and extract data.

If you want any additional feature in this app, please let us know we will make the change for you at a very reasonable price.

Screen shot

Below is a screenshot of the full version.

google maps contact infor in csv/excel

Frequently asked questions

Email address is not shown on the google maps but it does show the website of the business, the app goes to the business website and tries to extract the email address if available, its usually found on contact page.

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Mauricio Gonzales

This is absolutly awsome! Works Wonderful and makes everything quicker

Orlando Albertino

O soft cumpre o que promete, é estável e realmente ajuda na momtagem de prospecções!

Bob Johnson

One of the best extractors in the market !!

taufiq anang prabowo

bagus, membantu pekerjaan, mendapat referensi tempat makan, tempat ngegymm lebih mudah.

Julien Smith

Amazing software ..This is 1000% better than most softwares that claim to do the same thing!!


Love the app. Wonderful design, ease of use. Great showcase of programming expertise. Wonderful job!

Orlando Lopes

Cumpre o que promete, de forma simples e eficiente. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores!

Hanny K

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You make work that could be done days to just minute!!! way to go

Jamie Arias

Super easy to use

John Wilbur

Excellent! Perfect for what I need. Tested and approved after going through everything else available out there. Purchasing the pro version.

Paolo A

it's basically a good tool for extract dataset from google maps. It need some improvement for search query

bahadır satılmış

işlerinde tecrübeli ve yeterki ürün satılsın mantığı ile çalışmıyorlar

Mark A

Easy to use

Ben Callif

Straightforward and easy to use! Does exactly what it's supposed to with no hassle.

KT McLmom

Easy to use. Huge help to finding customers for my business!

spencer j

does what it says it does! saves a lot of time

Ebenezer Ferreira

This app is simply amazing! Worked better than expected!

youssef HABIBI

good tool ! i like a lot

Sophie Alcalde

very useful, it makes the job easier when your extracting possible market database

sean ford

This is a great tool! Saves a ton of time and is easy to use. Thanks!!!

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