Web Extractor

This bot can extract email, social media link and ANY other information from a list of URLs.


Get Contact Data

It can extract cotnact details from a given url, like email address, phone number, social media links etc.

Extract ANY Data

You can configure the app to extract any data you want from a url, Its lets you set a Regex or Xpath and extracts the data that matches with given regex or xpath from the page.

Easy to use

Just enter a list of urls from where you want to scrape data and the app will do the rest of the work, if you want to configure the app to extract more data you can do it by setting the regex/xpath, dont worry if you dont know how to do this, we will help you to set it up.


If you have any questions or need any kind of help contact us and some one from our support team will get in touch with you.

Try it before you buy

Free Version

With free version you can extract data from 10 domain at a time.

Download Free Version

Full Version

Full version has no limits.

Buy Full Version for $50


  • The free version will process only 10 websites at one time.
  • Full version has no limit and you can input as many websites as you want.
  • By default the app will extract 3 pages if the email is not found on the first page, the other 2 pages are usually contact and about pages.
  • You can change the number of pages to extract from Options > Page Limit > set the pages and click Update, you should set it to 1 if you only want to visit the first page.
  • Other than email address, all other data is extracted from home page only.
  • The app can be customized to extract any data on given url, To add a new data field follow the step below.
    1. Click on Options > Customize > on customize form click 'Add new item'
    2. This form shows 3 input fields.
      • 1: Name , give this field a name , this name will be shown in the output grid and excel file.
      • 2: Type , There are 2 options to select
        XPath: XPath is a query language for selecting nodes from an html page, for example if you want to get the title tag of a page and xpath will be //title . for meta description the xpath will be //meta[@name=' description '] . Please refer to https://www.w3schools.com/xml/xpath_syntax.asp to understand the xpath better.
        Regex: regex is a string of text that allows you to create patterns that help match, locate, and manage text on a page's html. Please refer to http://www.rexegg.com/regex-quickstart.html to learn more about it.
      • 3: Xpath / Regex : Value of the xpath or regex should be entered in this text box.
    3. Click Save to add this field.
    4. You can add / delete as many fields as you want.
  • Speed of the application depends on the internet speed.

Frequently asked questions

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