Google Maps Extractor Reviews

Aggregate Rating: 4.88 out of 5 with 154 ratings

Murat Sargin

Very good automation tool, time saving

Admin Grafique

Works; works fast

Torben Ager


Ronan Analytics

Amazing, awesome legendary!

Diego Adrian

Excelente! Un buscador excelente!

alice errett

Literally the most underrated sales tool out there. I LOVE this app. I use is everyday for sales prospecting.

d dung

Helps a lot. Thank you!

FR Consulting

This app has been dead simply to use and builds basic lists that we need far easier than trying to do details results by hand. From here it has been cake to filter and process information that used to take me hours.

Chris Arndt

Very quick and clean code. Easy to use. Definitely adding it to my SEO toolbox.

Rafael Rodriguez

Awesome Program