Google Maps Extractor Reviews

Aggregate Rating: 4.86 out of 5 with 188 ratings

Ivan Cerda

Very god aplication

Paul G

Amazing, working good

Stephen P Crump

Started crawling as advertised and completed the tasks magnificently

Crystal O

Wow! I am completely Blown Away with the Free Version of the Google Maps Crawler!! I am definitely going to upgrade to the paid version because it worked so much better than I was expecting! I am so happy that I found Botsol!!! I am going to be recommending this to anyone that needs to scrape data from Google Maps! Thank you Botsol, you're a lifesaver!

Nathan james

Fantastic! using free version currently. Will be upgrading but the free version gives you A LOT!

Est Gas

Very easy to install and run, impressive!

Rogerio Matos

Adoro esse programa

Peter Johny

It is just awesome! Maybe you can add an input where can be putted all "search terms" separated by coma, now for example if I want to search "vegetarian restaurants" in several cities across the country, I have to set each search term for each city separately and it cost a lots of time :-)

Vikash Salwan

Great Tool. Recommended. However, I would like some more control over the process like delay between calls.

Helio Wat

It´s an excellent system! It worked perfect and very easy to use. I highly recomend!