Google Maps Crawler Quick version

Fastest way to extract GMB data from google maps, If you only need to extract the data that is shown in search results , this crawler will extract it in no time, since it does not open the full GMB page its very quick.

How it works

Here is a brief description of how to use this app to get all reviews data:

  • Run the botsol crawler app
  • It opens the google maps page
  • Search for anything and apply filters if you want. Or select a text file with your search terms.
  • Hit the Start button on botsol crawler app.
  • The app will go though all pages and extract the data. If a file is provided than it will perform all the searches automatically and extract data for all searches.
  • When extraction is complete you can export the data to csv.

What it extracts?

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Ratings
  • Stars
  • Category
  • Description
  • Website
  • Image
  • Cost

You will also get the version that takes search terms from a text file and automatically performs search and extract the above mentioned data fields. (watch the videos below).

Watch it in action- The default version

Gmaps quick crawler with automatic search functionality

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