We’ve developed numerous bots that automate certain tasks on different websites and extract content in structured format. Below are some of our popular bots, If you’re interested in custom bots or enhancing existing ones, feel free to get in touch with Botsol!

Google Maps Crawler

Its easy to use tool that automates the entire process of extracting business data from Google Maps, also extract emails and social links.

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Google Maps Reviews Crawler

Our BotSol Google Maps Reviews Crawler swiftly extracts existing business reviews from Google Maps.

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Google Business Profile Scraper

Similar to the maps crawler, it extracts from from google business profiles, but it has some differences from the maps crawler.

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Google Maps Scraper Fast

Scrape business data from google maps in no time, this scraper is super fast and easy to use.

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Botsol Web Extractor

BotSol Web Extractor can extract email, social media links from a list of URLs, users can configure it to extract ANY other information from websites.

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Yellow Pages Crawler

This simple BotSol tool extracts data from existing online yellow page listings.

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Linkedin Auto Connect Bot

A LinkedIn bot that automatically sends connection requests to other LinkedIn users.

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Amazon Product Data Crawler

It extracts targeted product information available on

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Yelp Data Extractor

Extracts business data from

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Facebook Pages Scraper

Extracts information from facebook pages

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LinkedIn Company Scraper

Extracts company information from LinkedIn.

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Linkedin Profile Scraper

Scrapes profile information from LinkedIn

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Facebook Events Scraper

Scrape events information from facebook..

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Get a custom robot!

Botsol provides custom software development service, we are expert in development of robotic process automation solutions, get in touch with us to have robots for your business.

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