Google Maps Scraper & Extractor Reviews

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Aggregate Rating: 4.86 out of 5 with 342 ratings

botsol testimonial default user image Zack Houser

I've only been using the free version at this point and seems to work great.

botsol testimonial default user image Kenneth Alvarado

I am , very satisfied with this app. I recomended to buy this app.

botsol testimonial default user image KETLIN MACHADO


botsol testimonial default user image darmo satelit

I like it. Very helpful. Few unwanted results but overall is good.

botsol testimonial default user image Edward Beck

I love this app. By chance I did a search and found the Free Google Maps Crawler. This worked so well that after the first run, I bought the full version and plan to get other products as well. This is an incredibly easy app to use to get valuable information for projects or research. Excellent job!

botsol testimonial default user image Willem Norval

I'm giving Botsol (free version) a 5 star rating because it does what it says. Within a minute after downloading the app it started to crawl the Google Map site I chose. I have wasted almost three weeks of my time on TWO other "highly regarded", PAID, mind boggling web crawlers and never managed to "get my pants on" - simply couldn't figure them out.

botsol testimonial default user image Marcelo Esteban

I've being looking for a tool to scrape listings to my directory website and i tried a few of them. This one is the easiest tool I ever try to work with. The only problem is it should have more information to collect like email and pictures on the free plan, then when we start to make money and grow we could move to a paid plan. this way would work better for startups that make a lot of investments and spend so much money without a return in the beginning. So instead of give a half of product to try, they could give limited listings or searches. besides that the product is awesome!!!

botsol testimonial default user image Henry Alexander

This is a truly well done software for many purposes, i used to store the information by hand 1 by 1 so for me this is high technology, super easy to use, intuitive, and versatile, thank you guys for making it.

botsol testimonial default user image Zana Cameron

Botsol is awesome! very useful and simple. Thank you Botsol developers!

botsol testimonial default user image Dillon Lerm

Is a self employed person , it is vital that I can have access to information that I require *Botsol is helping me out - BIG Time! Saving me Time & frustration , and providing me with enough detail that I can continue. Easy to use and its great to have access to the developer Ishtiaq has responded to my enquiries and even helped me out with some of MY mistakes GREAT PRODUCT !!